As important as providing high quality systems that fully meet business expectations, is run competently deployment services, training, treatment, among others, so that users can enjoy all the benefits that offer solutions Aptools.


Consists of the processes of diagnosis, installation, Setup and training, processes that are responsible for ensuring that Aptools solutions bring the best possible outcome for our clients.


It is the process of gathering information, which aims to create the basis on which the project will be implemented on the client. Processes, products, servicing, customers, suppliers, business rules, decision parameters, market context and other information that must be carefully analyzed. At this time, the qualification and experience of the deployment team make all the difference.


It is the process in which the database and systems are installed in Aptools and where customers are prepared for the setup phase, along with issues relating to network infrastructure and computers.


Process that transforms all the information from the diagnostic phase for entries, parameters and rules, that determine how the system should work. At this time, high adherence capability afforded by integrated architecture, robust and consistent systems of Aptools, generate large benefits to customers, it reduces deployment time and reduce the need for customization, respecting the culture of each type of business.


The training is the first personal contact with our customers' systems, therefore, critical to the project's results. Knowing this, the scales Aptools your workouts according to the profile of each company and its employees. In training the Aptools people are encouraged to use our systems from the first moment, in order to familiarize them in the tool environment ASAP.


The answering service starts with the use of the client system. Over the internet or by phone, the service team of Aptools is prepared to address any questions or problems that may arise during system operation, Besides being a channel in which the client communicates to address issues related to the needs of customizations and issues of IT infrastructure.


It is the service of developing new features, that are necessary in order to increase compliance of our systems to the customer's business, and to meet new needs resulting from natural market evolution and enterprise. The Aptools has a qualified and prepared team to develop the best technical solutions, within a design method that ensures the integrity and reliability of our solutions.

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