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Aptools the new site: Accessibility and interaction between customer and company

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The Aptools this month launched its new website. That has been completely redesigned to provide your audience a greater accessibility and interaction between customer and company. Using a new technology (WordPress), also allows better exposure of their products and tools, having a more targeted focus to have a much closer relationship with your customer, besides counting of course, with an enhancement of existing resources on the old site.

This new version offers us a dynamic news system, where news and important events about the company and other matters area, quicker to the attention of your visitors. Besides, the customer now benefits from a broader and agile space communication, through the contact form, Comment on posts, and Facebook page, Entering time in the world of social networks. It is the Aptools concerned with aligning the quality of their services and products with the service and their customer relationship, to better satisfaction among them.

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