Master Tools

O Master-Tools – Integrated System Health Management is a complete software, that works in a web platform and encompasses all areas of your business. He is able to offer various managements distributed points of presence (affiliates or employees), ideal for companies who wish to add advanced management capabilities, providing managerial and comparative information, showing the results of each business.

Master Tools

Master Tools

Meet Aptools Solutions for your healthcare facility

  • Outpatient Specialties
  • Pharmaceutical Assistance
  • Home Care
  • Diagnostic Center
  • Hospital
  • Central Laboratory
  • Operator Health Plans
  • Emergency Care
  • Family Health
  • Department of Health
  • Administrative Headquarters
  • Basic Health Unit


The Master Tools system aims, automate the operations of the Hospital and provide qualified information to enable the monitoring and control of these operations. In other words, the system enables the hospital management is made more efficiently and accurately, generating direct gains in terms of process optimization, among other benefits.


Knowing where your money is going is the first step to reduce your costs. The Master Tools lets you manage your costs in all areas and take, in advance, decisions about the conduct of its business with regard to purchases, stocks, production, cash flow and more, avoiding erroneous application of its resources, based on daily data, monthly, year or so that your business requires.

Full view of business

Information is the key to success. With operational information, and strategic management of your business through reports, performance indicators and control panel, you are able to make decisions when and where needed, as accurately, Rapid and targeted for increasing Results.

Software expertise and management practices

Not enough to understand the systems, you must also understand business management. This means that in addition to a top team in software development, implantation, training and service, the Aptools has professionals with expertise in health management, able to analyze processes and establish the right solutions for every type of business.

Infrastructure technology and management

Have Aptools products and services in your business means having an infrastructure of qualified information technology, with experts constantly working for the success of your business. This makes your company stronger, more competitive and better prepared for the future.   Baixar PDF do Master Tools

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