The company

The Aptools is a company specialized in developing complete and integrated solutions in healthcare. Working in the information technology market since 1989, the company has acquired much experience and technical skills in the area of ​​software development and business management.

From this base of knowledge and experience, developed the Master Tools, integrated solution for managing corporate Hospital and Health Tools, management software for insurance providers Health and Self-Management, and other entities of this kind.

Based on Oracle technologies, management solutions from Aptools were developed to automate processes, eliminate errors and inefficiencies, increase productivity and bring to organizations greater ability to visualize business results.

The Aptools today has customers in almost all states of Brazil between small, medium and large companies in the health sector.

A principle of action of Aptools is being focused on system development and collaboration, ensuring effectiveness and reliability in business processes, to cause businesses to really dedicate yourself to your own business.


Act competitively, profitable and ethical and professional responsibility, seeking to efficiently develop, deployment and evolution of our products, providing our customers with IT solutions with a high degree of satisfaction.


Strive for excellence to be the best provider of IT solutions, segments of hospital administration and management of operators Health Plans.

  • Commitment to the client's business and allies;
  • Value innovation;
  • Development with sustainability;
  • Respect for people;
  • Speed, simplicity and flexibility in internal and external processes;
  • Decisions based on facts and data;
  • Objective communication, clear and transparent;
  • Quality in everything we do;
  • Research and development in Information Technology (TI).
  • All new developments are integrated into the system and follow the methodology development company;
  • Improvisations in the system are not allowed;
  • Systems developed only within our focus and our know-how;
  • The technology base of the company must be constantly open to advances and innovations, however, immune to fads or solutions beyond customer needs;
  • Hired or we partner only with companies and third parties previously known and approved, whose technical quality and ethics are proven.

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