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The Marcosa gives his testimony regarding their partnership with Aptools

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A Aptools, always trying to cater well to customers and with the outcome of their services, brings this feedback, in other words, such feedback, for everyone to be aware of your work.

The budget director, Daniel Marino and Eduardo Alves, Also from the Marcosa S / financial sector – Machines & Equipment, spoke about the partnership with Aptools Advice and Budgeting Systems on the new system developed for Marcosa.

"Although we have not had a demand 100% in relation to key members of our firm, Here in the array where the system was deployed people understood, incorporated and know the use ", explains Daniel Marino. He explains that going forward when branch offices are also on the same demand of Use, other information in more general areas will be given, however, in relation to what has been worked, "It's a system that meets, and that brought an improvement and agility to our process here ", completed the budget director of Marcosa.

"I actively worked on this project and made our whole goal was met in the scope. The system was very easy, are few screens and it's pretty self-explicativo..fora some details, he was made to work well and meet our needs, are only three screens, and users are already well acquainted ", said Eduardo Alves.

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